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Exporting to Cuba


Cuba is opening for business, and the time to act is now. The question is, "How?"


Every day since the announcement of the opening of the U.S. Embassy in Havana and Cuba's in Washington, there are reports of U.S. companies, big and small, starting to do business in Cuba.


But read closely and you will discover that most are "intending to go," "developing plans," or "evaluating opportunities." That's because, despite the loosening of U.S. regulations, Cuba remains a disciplined, thoughtful and patient country. It has its own strategic plan for industry growth, private enterprise development and foreign direct investment.


The OH-PA Stateline Export Initiative is committed to bringing opportunities and information to companies in its region.  The Regional Chamber is planning several trips to Cuba in the years to come to provide additional personal-exchange hands-on knowledge of the country and its businesses.


News Releases

Regional Chamber and Valley Leaders Visit Cuba




Regional Chamber plans information session in preparation for Cuba visits in 2016




Regional Chamber connects local companies with Cuban Diplomat

August 28, 2015.




Cuban Diplomats from Washington Visit Valley

April 2, 2015



2 Cuba Now provides business development and advisory services to U.S. and Cuban interests to promote the growth of private enterprise, real estate development, entrepreneurship and other support for the Cuban people.

Contact the Regional Chamber at 330-744-2131 ext. 17 for more information.

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