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Foreign Direct Investment


According to Brookings:

  • Foreign-owned U.S. affiliates directly employ some 5.6 million workers spread across every sector of the economy.

  • FDI supports 5.5 percent of private employment in the average large metro area, with significant regional variation.

  • Jobs in FOEs are relatively concentrated in manufacturing and advanced industries; however they have become more services-oriented over time.

  • FDI contributes to and in some cases drives industry specialization in metro areas.


source: -- maplink


For the Youngstown-Warren MSA, this translates to 7,640 jobs in foreign-owned establishments, almost 4% of private employment.  These figures have grown since 1991, but still falls below the U.S. average.


*Figures are only available for the Youngstown-Warren MSA, not the entire 10-county region. 



brookings foreign owned employers map

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